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Kevin Makwinski Lays it Down


Featuring: Kevin Makwinski

This kid is a solid skater this is old footage but he still tears it up. I went skating with him and his crew last weekend, and since they are filming for their video “Somethin’ Light” I saw him do some switch tricks down a 9 set. I wont say the tricks he was doing because…. because thats what the video will be for. So I will keep you posted on that video status and any other videos they put out.

Somethin’ Light Promo #1

Featuring- Sean Cornetto, Brian Beavers, Kenny DeVoe, Andres Restrepo , Dylan Zevallos & Kevin Makwinski.

Filmed & Edited by : Joe Zevallos aka SP Photography

This video isn’t coming out for a little while, but just watch the little sneak peak trailer and it will give you a little taste of just the warm up. This is a skate video that is going to have to be a must watch!

End of Summer Montage


Featuring- Brian Beavers, Sean Cornetto, Kevin Makwinski, Kenny DeVoe, Joe Zevallos, Dylan Zevallos, and Justin “Piddo” Winslow.

Filmed & Edited by : Joe Zevallos aka SP Photography

Joe Zevallos not only the filmer and editor of this group of skaters, you can see him do a couple tricks in a lot of the videos. These guys can really skate, so any video they post is almost guaranteed a spot on The Skate Rack!

Somethin’ Light Promo

Featuring ; (in order of appearance) Andres Restrepo, Justin “Piddo” Winslow, Luis Canelo, Sean Cornetto, Kevin Makwinski, Brian Beavers, Dylan Nieves, Joe Pedone, Kenny DeVoe, Joe Zevallos, Anthony Pinghera, and Dylan Zevallos.

Filmed & Edited by Joe Zevallos
Additional filming by Luis Canelo, Kevin Makwinski, and Kenny DeVoe.

Mustard and Friends @ Drop In!

Featuring; Brian Beavers, Justin “Piddo Winslow, Kenny DeVoe, Terrence Ciccolella, Sean Cornetto, Luis Canelo, Dylan Nieves, and Paul Trentacosta.

Filmed and Edited by; Joe Zevallos


Team Mustard always got something fun to watch, so take a look and if you like their skating you might want to pick up on of Team Mustards Decks. Click here for info.

Team Mustard Making Moves!

Team Mustard has been working hard and its been paying off. Mustard has what it takes to become a very popular brand in the skateboarding industry, Team Mustard got their first team deck printed and it looks great. I like how the local skate shops are giving them support by holding them in shop.

Like their facebook page and check out what the deck looks like here!

Somethin’ Light.. Promo


Featuring: Brian Beavers, Sean Cornetto, Kevin Makwinski, Kenny DeVoe, Joe Zevallos, Dylan Zevallos, and Justin “Piddo” Winslow, Andres Restrepo.

Edited by ; Joe Zevallos
Music by; Bryant Canelo bka Ice Water Metallic

If you been skating for awhile, you might know most of these guys if you are from the New Jersey areas. They know what tricks people want to see and they always are going hard. So check this out and I will keep you all updated on the video status and other promos coming out.