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Division East Montage


Montage one features Bill Pierce, Shaun Williams, Jimmy Loco, Dylan, Pat Rumney, Mike Alexander, Alex Duke, Adrian Vega, Dillon Constantine, and Bill Marshall.

Montage two features Steve Antonecchia, Dan Vogedes, Graham Sharts, Dave Dowd, Brendan Granstrand, Kyle Orlando, Aiden Granstrand, Jersey Dave, Tom Lelo, Vinny Moscinski, Brian Foley, Will Nagle, Andy Bautista, John Cruz, Nick Immediato, and Jason Carroll.

Video courtesy of Division East
Filmed by Dleefilms’s

This is a random edit of footage shot between 2007 and 2010. The guys at Division East always go hard, watch this montage and you will understand what I am talking about. There is more where this came from and the other videos are as good if not better. Since I am mainly focusing on talented skateboarders in the NJ/NY area not posting a D.E video would be kind of insane. These guys have been supporting the skateboarding movement for years and have numerous videos to back it up.