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Drop in Skatepark

Featuring: Marques, lil john, drem, ray, caramel, lubans, eddy, paul senza, no-name, marques ,steve wolf, no-name, lil nick, joe, parsippany crew, derm, josh wilson, kenny brand, sean korney, matt oneill, kevin graham, kevin kuroski, brendan, dustin, Timmy wynne

Filmed & edited by: Tom Oneill

Drop in skate park, doin work take a look!

Slidin Delta

Featuring: Dillon Constantine, Nico Magalhaes, Bill Marshall, Sean Korney, Nick Immediato, Brian Foley, Matt Eaton, John Cruz, Chris Rozborski, and Caleb M

Video courtesy of wwishard

This was another good little montage with a bunch of great skateboarders from the New Jersey areas.