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Slidin Delta

Featuring: Dillon Constantine, Nico Magalhaes, Bill Marshall, Sean Korney, Nick Immediato, Brian Foley, Matt Eaton, John Cruz, Chris Rozborski, and Caleb M

Video courtesy of wwishard

This was another good little montage with a bunch of great skateboarders from the New Jersey areas.

Division East Summer Promo 2010

Featuring: Dan Vogedes, Brian Foley, Jim Moncrief, Pad Dowd, Tim Achille, German Nieves, Graham Sharts, Brendan Grandstrand, Bryan Shroeder, Chris Rozborski, John Cruz, Sean Coates, Steve Romero, Nick Immediato, Matt Eaton, Steve Antoneccia, Joe Gore

Filmed by: BJ Wishard
Additional Filming: Davy Lee, Chris Mulhern

Video courtesy of Division East

I never seen this before so I figured I’d post it so all you guys could check it out, division east always has some great montages!