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Old Manifesto Skateboards Promo


Featuring: Chris Rozborski, Mark Ennis, Mike Steenstra, Brendan Granstrand, and Justin Clement.

Video courtesy of Division East
Filmed by Dleefilms’s

This is an old Manifesto skateboards promo, This is an awesome promo, Justin Clement goes nuts in this video. Killing rails,gaps everything that makes a promo great.

Quatersnacks End of Summer Montage


Featuring: Black Dave, Danny Weiss, Dennis Feliciano, DJ Roctakon, Galen Dekemper, Geo Moya, Josh Velez, Kevin Tierney, Kurt Havens, Matthew Mooney, Miles Marquez, Paulgar, Pryce Holmes, Switch Michael Strobert, Torey Goodall, Ty Lyons, Tyler Tufty

Video courtesy of Quartersnacks

Fun little montage to watch, good tricks and the song goes good with this kind of skating.

Steady Lurking Teaser


Featuring:Darryl Walker, Jacob Gottlieb ,Erik Martinez William Jones Justin Alexander Fermin Louise and Javin Copeland. Also skating from Starlin Polanco,Campbell Baxter and a bunch of other kids as well.

Filmed and edited by Mike Williams

This is a sick little teaser! Mike Williams is on the works of his film called “Steady Lurking”. This video looks like its gonna have a lot of “going big” and whole bunch of craziness. I know this teaser got no body landing a single trick, but if you just see the stuff these kids are going for. The video is definitely something to look forward too, so i’ll keep you all posted.