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Max Mcfarlane Got Style


Featuring: Max Mcfarlane

I got an email with his little promo part in a new video coming out soon called “Put your meat on it”. I talked to him through email and got a hold of his youtube account and found some of his old footage. I love the switch backside and frontside flips he did at flushing meadows park. This kid got some nice style I’m looking forward to see his part in the video.

Division East Montage


Montage one features Bill Pierce, Shaun Williams, Jimmy Loco, Dylan, Pat Rumney, Mike Alexander, Alex Duke, Adrian Vega, Dillon Constantine, and Bill Marshall.

Montage two features Steve Antonecchia, Dan Vogedes, Graham Sharts, Dave Dowd, Brendan Granstrand, Kyle Orlando, Aiden Granstrand, Jersey Dave, Tom Lelo, Vinny Moscinski, Brian Foley, Will Nagle, Andy Bautista, John Cruz, Nick Immediato, and Jason Carroll.

Video courtesy of Division East
Filmed by Dleefilms’s

This is a random edit of footage shot between 2007 and 2010. The guys at Division East always go hard, watch this montage and you will understand what I am talking about. There is more where this came from and the other videos are as good if not better. Since I am mainly focusing on talented skateboarders in the NJ/NY area not posting a D.E video would be kind of insane. These guys have been supporting the skateboarding movement for years and have numerous videos to back it up.

Kevin Makwinski Lays it Down


Featuring: Kevin Makwinski

This kid is a solid skater this is old footage but he still tears it up. I went skating with him and his crew last weekend, and since they are filming for their video “Somethin’ Light” I saw him do some switch tricks down a 9 set. I wont say the tricks he was doing because…. because thats what the video will be for. So I will keep you posted on that video status and any other videos they put out.

Easy, Jersey Trailer


Featuring: Alex Karousatos, Josh Spradley, Richie Blackshaw, Joe Carter and Timmie Fulton

A film by Scuba Rob Orlowski

This is yet another group of guys I came across through youtube. Based on this little trailer the film seems like it is definately worth a watch, these kids got skills so watch the trailer and if you like it check out Rob’s other videos.

Ryan Santiago Doing Work!


Featuring: Ryan Santiago

Filmer: Ben Gofayzen
Trick Description: Switch Bigheel down 3, Hardflip flat, Tre Flip 7

I found this kid just browsing through youtube, and wow was I impressed. The first video I saw was a clip of him doing a hard flip at the indoor 10 set, once I saw that I knew this kid was someone I wanted to post on the site. So if you never heard of this kid, you are in for quite a surprise this young’in can hang with the big dogs. Keep a look out for Ryan Santiago.

Somethin’ Light Promo #1

Featuring- Sean Cornetto, Brian Beavers, Kenny DeVoe, Andres Restrepo , Dylan Zevallos & Kevin Makwinski.

Filmed & Edited by : Joe Zevallos aka SP Photography

This video isn’t coming out for a little while, but just watch the little sneak peak trailer and it will give you a little taste of just the warm up. This is a skate video that is going to have to be a must watch!

End of Summer Montage


Featuring- Brian Beavers, Sean Cornetto, Kevin Makwinski, Kenny DeVoe, Joe Zevallos, Dylan Zevallos, and Justin “Piddo” Winslow.

Filmed & Edited by : Joe Zevallos aka SP Photography

Joe Zevallos not only the filmer and editor of this group of skaters, you can see him do a couple tricks in a lot of the videos. These guys can really skate, so any video they post is almost guaranteed a spot on The Skate Rack!

Skateboarding Trip NJ to SF


From New Jersey to San Francisco Skateboarding Trip featuring Joe Zevallos, Kenny DeVoe, Sean Cornetto & Kevin Makwinski.

Filmed & Edited by : Joe Zevallos aka SP Photography

This video is a well put together little montage, filmed within a week of skating. The group of skaters from New Jersey took a week long trip to San Fransisco and came home with a bunch of great footage, and with a little editing from SP Photography made this video complete.