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Quatersnacks End of Summer Montage


Featuring: Black Dave, Danny Weiss, Dennis Feliciano, DJ Roctakon, Galen Dekemper, Geo Moya, Josh Velez, Kevin Tierney, Kurt Havens, Matthew Mooney, Miles Marquez, Paulgar, Pryce Holmes, Switch Michael Strobert, Torey Goodall, Ty Lyons, Tyler Tufty

Video courtesy of Quartersnacks

Fun little montage to watch, good tricks and the song goes good with this kind of skating.

Be Pretty Throwaway Montage / Trailer


Featuring: (in order) Caleb Yuan, Dave Feldman, Dom Susca, Israel Adonis, Lorenzo Bueno, Joe Ligammari, Jason Sherman, Marcello Campanello, Jon Ngan, Maximillian Piras, Nabi Salomon, and Evan Borja

Filming: Esteban Jefferson (additional filming by Harry Corrigan and Jason Sherman)
Edited by: Esteban Jefferson

They got some solid clips in the throw away and some sketchy stuff, but thats why its called a throw away. The kids definitely got some skill and I am looking forward for some updates on the video.