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Spring Fling Skatejam!

This is not until April, but i figured I’d post it to let you all know so you can mark it on your calendars. I never heard of it before I got this invitation on facebook but it must be pretty fun considering its the 8th annual one they are doing. If you skate and I’m pretty sure you do if your checking out TSR go support the sport and go have some fun.

Some Info on the Event: All are welcome to the 8th annual Skate Jam hosted by Skatelife TV. This event will be held on April 9th, 2011 at Cliffwood Park. The official address is 72 Majorie St. Cliffwood, NJ. This is the early stages of planning so all the sponsors are still being put together and the kinks being worked out. All the events that will be hosted are a Game of SKATE, Best Line and a High Ollie Contest. So come out for a good time, lots of free stuff and some good skating!!

Time: Saturday, April 9 · 12:00pm – 4:00pm

Here is the Event Page on Facebook

Snow & Cold Weather Holding Back Skating

The cold weather and the snow is one of the main reasons I haven’t stepped on a board in over a couple months. I mean its a good thing for all the snow boarders out there, but I don’t go out snowboarding that much so I cant wait until the warm weather rolls in. I have a feeling this summer is going to be one of the hottest, but that wont stop me from doing some sessions on the bench. Its one thing for me not to be skating but not updating the site is pretty lame on my part so I am gonna try and maintain this a lot better.

Heres a video :

Throwaway 7

Featuring: Erik Martinez , Darryl Walker , Jacob Gottlieb , Justin Alexander , William Jones , Justin Helmkamp , Fermin Louise and Javin Copeland

Filming By:
Mike williams additional emmet padgett and john marston

Edited By:
Mike williams