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Quatersnacks End of Summer Montage


Featuring: Black Dave, Danny Weiss, Dennis Feliciano, DJ Roctakon, Galen Dekemper, Geo Moya, Josh Velez, Kevin Tierney, Kurt Havens, Matthew Mooney, Miles Marquez, Paulgar, Pryce Holmes, Switch Michael Strobert, Torey Goodall, Ty Lyons, Tyler Tufty

Video courtesy of Quartersnacks

Fun little montage to watch, good tricks and the song goes good with this kind of skating.



Featuring: Stan Song, Mike Leone, Charlie Butrico, The Goons, John Marston, and Friends

Filming: John Marston, Additional Filming: Greg Sohn
Edited by: John Marston

The guy getting beat up in the beginning is pretty random, but the video should be pretty solid. Comment and say what you think.

Hammervision Montage


filmed and edited by matt roberge

I got the email of the of the full length movie in 2 parts, but I decided to post this for now. This montage has a lot of great clips from the full length and with out all the editing and other stuff, but you can watch the full length in Roberge’s vimeo. I also might think about posting the full length video in the features section not too sure yet.