Pure New York Skateboarding


Featuring: Matt Rsesutko, Gary Rsesutko, Brian Appleman, Jasonwear, Bryon Winfrey, Leroy Stevens, Shane Butler and Rafal Gzelcyzk

Filmed by Michael Yedin

I came across this video on youtube and I liked it so I decided to post it. I got some other videos in mind to post for the next couple days, but if any of you have any footage you want on the site send it our way.

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2 thoughts on “Pure New York Skateboarding

  1. Pure New York was a classic website from the 2002-2004 heyday of little kid skateboard sites in New York. There’d be hordes of us roaming from spot to spot bumping into each other at Beer Bar and whatnot. Most of those kids went to college and got over skating midway into high school. Some of them became guidos.

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