To submit your video to The Skate Rack for consideration, email the info below to This is the ONLY way to have your video considered for posting. Do not use Facebook/Myspace/Twitter etc to submit your video, all videos sent in this fashion will be ignored. If we feel your video is the kind of video we are looking for, it will be posted. If we belive the skill level/style of video is not what we are looking for, it won’t be posted. You most likely won’t receive a response, due to the mass emails we have been revieving. Sending your video multiple times or making complaints about videos not being posted will simply be ignored, we try our best to find quality videos.

If you send your video in and it does not get posted, we recommend you post it in the Video section of The Skate Rack Board and ask for a critique. The members of our board will most likely offer advice, and if your video is really good and we were wrong in not posting it, one of our moderators will send it through and we will review it again.

We prefer you post your video on Vimeo is also acceptable, as well as any of the other video hosting sites.
Do NOT send us your video as an attachment, it will be deleted immediately.
Do NOT include the embed code, we only need the video URL.

The Skate Rack does not support piracy of ANY skateboarding DVD’s . If something has been posted on The Skate Rack that you own the copyright to, PLEASE contact me and ask to have it removed. We do our best not to post anything that needs rights to be viewed.

We get tons of emails, so we like to make the process easier. Filling out a form in the email with the video link like the form below or simply fill out the form in the “Send Videos” page, makes viewing submissions so much easier.

Title: Skate Session (Title can be anything, no profanitys etc.)

Skaters: John Doe, Tommy Baker, Adam Fish

Place/State: Brooklyn Banks, NY

Filming: Doug Funny

Edited by: Adrian Flaco

Equipment: flip camera, tripod (if you must)

Music: Artist – “Song Title

If you are a photographer and interested in having your work posted on The Skate Rack, then send a link to

If you have news regarding a Skater, company, sponsor change etc, email the info to If you are submitting a rumor, you can send that too but we’re unlikely to post it unless you include some kind of Proof behind the rumor. You will remain completely anonymous so feel free to use your real email/name.

If you’d like to have your Skate Decks, Skate Products, t-shirts etc posted on The Skate Rack, email any photos and information to

To learn about advertising opportunities on The Skate Rack, email  and/or .Please include the brand that you’re inquiring on behalf of.

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