Top Skate Shoes

If you’re looking to buy some new skateboarding shoes then you might feel a little bit lost in the sea of brands, colors, gimmicks and prices. It can be difficult to know which shoes are going to be the most comfortable, well wearing and sturdy when there is such a huge variety to choose from.

Some people prefer to decorate their skate shoes themselves by drawing patterns on the fabric using Sharpie pens. If some of your skateboarding friends have decorated their kicks with poker chips because they love partypoker or have drawn on pretend zippers and studs, but you think they look tacky, then below is a list of top quality skate shoes you might be interested in.

Fallen Footwear
Fallen is owned by Jamie Thomas who has made a huge effort to make high quality premium skateboarding shoes which not only look great, but provide comfort and support when you skate. In addition, if you are planet-conscious then you’ll be pleased to know that Fallen makes its shoes free of animal products.

Vans Skateboarding Shoes
Vans is popular with skaters and non-skaters alike; this could be down to their stylish design and their comfort. Vans are known for being chunky, spacious and soft which is ideal if you’re jumping about on a skateboard all day. These chunky shoes provide excellent support around the ankles and are guaranteed to last a long time.

Globe Shoes
If it’s style you’re after then Globe is the brand you want to go for. This Australian shoe company is known for its innovative and vibrant features. The Vagrant shoe has a cool pre-worn style, but it is built to last. The Finale has a sporty look, while the Gallaz shoes are intended with women in mind.

DC Shoe Co USA
These high quality shoes have an H2Zero line on them which is designed to help block out water, snow and slush.

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