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Somethin’ Light Promo

Featuring ; (in order of appearance) Andres Restrepo, Justin “Piddo” Winslow, Luis Canelo, Sean Cornetto, Kevin Makwinski, Brian Beavers, Dylan Nieves, Joe Pedone, Kenny DeVoe, Joe Zevallos, Anthony Pinghera, and Dylan Zevallos.

Filmed & Edited by Joe Zevallos
Additional filming by Luis Canelo, Kevin Makwinski, and Kenny DeVoe.

Steady Lurking Promo 2

Featuring: Darryl Walker,Jacob Gottlieb, Justin Alexander, Fermin Louise and Erik Martinez

Filmed and Edited By: Mike Williams

Such a sick promo, upcomming skateboard film “Steady Lurking” is gonna be insane. The promo looks sick Mike, cant wait to see the full length I’ll be checking from time to time for any updates.

How Did That Happen?

Skating always has those falls that you are never ready for, I have had a bunch of them. The worst thing about those falls are they hurt the most. I remember skating this sketchy 3 stair over rail gap when I was like 13, I was getting over the rail no problem but the landing was nothing but sketch! I kept picking up my board and running back to the side walk to try it again. I get enough run way so I start kickin towards the rail, my foot slips under my back wheel off my last kick. I fly forward because my board had a dead stop reaction to my foot, and I flew down the 3 stairs into the rail! I had a bunch of kids spectating so that just made the fall a whole lot worse besides the pain.

Heres one of those falls:

Summer Where you at?!

Alright, I mean this is getting annoying all this snow coming and going but never enough for it to all clear up. If you snowboard congrats but for someone who just wants to do a quick  skate session Friday after noon that is pretty much a NO go! I used to love the winter time, now its nothing but a hassle when it comes to driving and skating and being cold. I know alot of people are also wondering whats going on with the “Kill The Set” contest,  well I want to apologize for my lack of communication to the other sponsor “Individ Clothing” . I am thankful that he was willing to take the voting aspect into his own hands and help pick up some of my slack. Individ Clothing deserves a lot of recognition for making the contest possible in many ways. So with that said as soon as they pick a winner, I will be sure to post it here and show the winning video.  In other news I am accepting videos again, and I want to make sure the word gets out that there is a website like this that allows skaters a place to showcase themselves or others. I want to start taking this website a bit more serious, and maintain it alot better.  The Skate Rack has been driving high traffic since it was launched and I would hate for something like that to goto waste. So thanks for checking the site out and Start sending in videos.

Heres a video to Check out!